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What is lazy coins?

We are a bitcoin and digital currency exchange that belives in having agood time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.
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We make it easy, secure and efficient for you to trade in altcoin currencies.Our team shares a common vision and passion about the tremendous potential that crypto currencies have to usurp the current banking system. By this we mean replacing the antiquated, painfully slow and inefficient fiat currency system that has held back global cooperation and innovation in many ways.


Digital currencies such as Bitcoin are ultimately just data. The private key that secures the data associated with a Bitcoin address needs to be protected with the same care as any highly sensitive information. Since the inception of LazyCoins we have had both security and usability at the forefront of our minds.
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Start trading from home or on the go we are available on all devices


LazyPay is a service that lets online merchants and local shops accept payments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Merchants can either store their bitcoins on our secure offline wallet or opt to exchange them into their local currency at time of sale and receive daily payouts from us to their bank accounts.
Digital currencies like Bitcoin are changing the way people transact. People around the world are increasingly using Bitcoin to pay for their meals, order goods online, make donations or send money to friends and family. It is fast, safe and convenient.
With no transaction fees and no charge backs, both online and local merchants love to accept Bitcoin.le and receive daily payouts from us to their bank accounts.
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LazyCoins offers information and support facilities to better serve our users. The support link below should be used if you are having an issue that is not answered in our FAQ, which should be your first port of call.


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