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Every coin based on its community. We are building an app that creates communities.


JoinChat Universe for Crypto People

Almost every crypto startup uses a chat in order to gather token buyers, token users, and token holders around its idea. Together, these people influence the success of a project, the growth of its assets, and global development. Proper use of a communities power can grant an unprecedented network effect.

Current messengers are incomplete, and fall short of solving issues that teams and their audience face, they do not allow for a network effect to be achieved. We are making a tool, which will allow individuals to create, manage, and grow a community while attracting funds for product development purposes. We abide by a simple formula, the success of a communities growth = token growth.

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Our Solutions

Almost every crypto startup uses a chat in order to gather token buyers, token users, and token holders aroung its idea. Together, these people influence the success of a project, the growth of its assets, and global development.

For Business Owners.

For Business Owners.

  • Use of management and analytical tools for growing a community.
  • Delployment of automated bug and even bounties right through the JoinChat platform
  • User of native advertisements for group lead generation
  • Monetize off of your existing community(ies)
  • Use of tactics and tools for strengthening the network effect. Coduct token sal cmpaigns
  • Utilize KYC processes and legally accept any currency as a payment: fiat or crypto

For Investors.

  • Use our constructor to load the platform with all necessary and immutable information pertaining to your project such as the whitepaper, team, project description, bounty campaigns, and announcements.
  • Gauge the potential success of a project based off of its Karma rating within the platform.
  • Participate in prospective token sale events right in JoinChat.
  • Zero chance of falling victim to scams or being fooled by unethical market participants due to our sophisticated security algorithms.

Platform Functionalities

  • Place targeted advertisements within the platform

    Deploy targeted promotional material in your group, other groups, global banner advertisements, and newsletters. All of this is accompanied with performance marketing tools that you can use to evaluate results down to the most minute detail.

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  • Analytical Tools

    Full set of user analytical tools. You will be able to gauge the activeness of members, figure out their average investment amount, their professions, and favourite activities and preferences. Our analytical tools will allow you to acquire the most active users that will help you grow explosively.

    func_2 A verage Investment Closing the pay gap: A verage earnings of full-time workers MEN WOMEN 18-2 3 24-2 9 30-3 5 36-4 5 46-5 5 56-6 4 65-7 5 0 10k 20k 30k 40k 50k 60k 70k 80k
  • Bounty

    Feel like your project is legitimate enough, your community is big enough, and your followers are loyal? Deploy a token sale and start your crowdfunding right in JoinChat. We can accept all fiats and cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

    func_3 Cory Dean SEND 50 T okens Cory Dean SEND 50 T okens Amount 50.238 T okens T okens Howard Diaz
  • Automated Bounty Deployment

    Deploy bounty campaigns such as bug and content bounties aimed at different target audiences, locations, and languages.

    func_4 BU Y T OKENS Price Amount T otal Address 0x0d8775f648430679a709e98d2b… Buy BBX
  • Project Profile Builder

    Create your projects page within the platform, where users will be able to find all necessary info on a project. Such as team members, Whitepaper, pitch deck, project economy, immutable smart contract address, and much more.

    file White Paper
    func_05 JoinChat ww w . … .com White Paper White Paper Advisor Advisor Advisor Advisor
  • Listing

    Easily find projects and groups using our search engine based on their total community Karma rating and growth prospects.

    func_6 Protocol Financier Protocol higher karma Finance
  • Karma

    Communities on our platform are self regulated and powered by Karma. Which is needed to motivate users and act as incentive for activity completion, participation, and to punish bad actors.

    func_7 Company Karma 2,000 20,000 Evan Kelly 10 Mayme Martin 30 Miguel W alters 50 Annie Bailey 80 Russell Bridges 40 Susan Fuller 90

Platform Functionality

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